Parent Resources:  Useful Information for Busy Moms and Dads (and everyone else)

Parent resources are vital for today's busy mom and dad.  We decided to add a section on the Storyland website devoted to parents and guardians everywhere who have questions about child rearing, child care, health and safety, and anything to do with making the difficult job of raising children, just a bit easier. 

We welcome your suggestions and hope you will let us know if there is a particular topic that you think we should discuss on these pages.  Please use the contact form to make suggestions or if you are a current family member, just visit the school's front office.

Biting in Toddler Classrooms

Biting in Toddler Classrooms happens frequently, and it is often surprising and even shocking to new parents.

Biting is one of those behaviors that most people find repulsive and overly aggressive.  Dogs bite, cats bite, hamsters bite, but surely not humans.  Right?  Find out why biting in toddler classrooms is so ubiquitous.


Storyland's Child Abuse and Neglect Policy

Child Abuse and Neglect

At Storyland, we take Child Abuse and Neglect extremely seriously.  We've put together a five part policy that outlines exactly how we learn about, deal with and prevent child abuse.


Creative Discipline

Conscious Discipline┬« is based on current brain research, child development and developmentally appropriate practices, and is built on the foundation that discipline should not be applied to children, but rather should be developed within the child. This program is not just for the classroom, but rather it works equally well in the home.                                          


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