Our Storyland Staff

The following group of dedicated staff members make up the team of individuals that care for your child day in and day out. 

What makes them unique? 

They are dedicated individuals who have a passion for children and an eagerness to teach and serve.  Their dedication along with their educational attainments, training, and experience make them one of Amarillo's premiere child care teams. 

Here is our team with their individual accomplishments. 

The Administrators

Janice Jones, Owner

Birthday:  October 14

Owner since 2004

Married to Alan for 42 years, 2 sons, Aaron and Nick, and one daughter, Elizabeth

Favorite Snack:  Diet Coke, Chocolate with nuts

Favorite Quote:  "Lord, help me be the person my dogs think I am."

Degrees/Certificates:  A.A.S. Amarillo College: 
Early Childhood Education
B.S. University of Maryland: Psychology/Biology
M.A. University of Cincinnati:  Counseling
"ABD" Counseling at UC

Hobbies:  Dog Breeding, Reading, Web design, learning new things,  Writing, Photography http://www.miracleshihtzu.com

Positive Qualities:  Hardworking, always learning

Karissa Ellison, Director

Birthday: 9-28

Employed since:  4-14-05

Married to Josh 9 years

2 daughters, Audiana & Analicia, 1 son, Joshua

Favorite drink/snack: Coke, Chips

Favorite Quote/Verse: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Phil 4:13

Certificates/Degrees: CDA

Providers Certificate, Associates in Early Childhood Development, Director's License

Hobbies/ Interests: Volleyball

Positive Qualities: Mild OCD, organized

You'll often hear me say..."you should Google it"

Church Organization : Hillside Christian Church

Justine McDonald, Assistant Director

Birthday: June 29th

with Matt for 3 years

3 boys:  Ryeder, Sawyer, Wyatt

Employed Since February 2012

Favorite Drink/Snack: Pepsi, Chips

Favorite quote/verse: Don't worry, be happy

Certificates/Degrees: Bachelors in Early Childhood Education

Hobbies/Interests: cooking, baking, crafting

Positive qualities: Always smiling, positive attitude

Laura Cogliandro, Assistant Director

Birthday: March 26th

Employed Since September 2014

Favorite Drink/Snack: coffee, chips, chocolate

Favorite quote/verse: "Some old fashioned things like fresh air & sunshine are hard to beat" --Laura Ingalls Wilder

Certificates/Degrees: Bachelors in University Studies

Hobbies/Interests: camping, traveling, & drinking Dr. Pepper

Positive qualities: get over/move on from issues quickly; always looking for laughter

Church/Organization: Polk Street United Methodist

Keitha Ratliff,  Food Service

Birthday: 9-15

Married to Chris 12 years

2 kids: Braiden & Kaylan

Employed since: 7-19-05

Favorite drink/snack: Coke/sweet tea, beef jerky

Favorite quote/verse: 2 teach is 2 touch lives 4 ever

Certificates/Degrees: Food manager certificate

Hobbies/Interests: volleyball, softball, family time

Positive qualities: always willing to try new things, keep stress levels low, multi tasker

You'll often hear me say... "Have a great day!"

The Teachers

Allison Anthony

Birthday: September 20th

Married to Chris

3 Kids Zach, Nolan, & Sage

Employed Since January 2006

Favorite Drink/Snack: water/unsweet tea, fruit/salt & vinegar chips

Favorite quote/verse: Do unto others...

Certificates/Degrees: Associates in Early Childhood Development, CDA

Hobbies/Interests: volleyball, scentsy

Positive qualities: honesty

Church/Organization: Hillside Christian Church

Maria Lee

Birthday: June 21st

Married to John for 4 years

1 son Peyton

Employed Since: August 2010

Favorite Drink/Snack: Barqs root beer, hot cheetos

Favorite quote/verse: Put a smile on your face & a smile in your heart

Certificates/Degrees: Bachelors in Education

Hobbies/Interests: penguins, reading, family time, & football

Positive qualities: caring, passionate, funny

You'll often hear me say..."OMG you scared me!"

Church/Organization: Washington Avenue

Michelle Gonzalez

Birthday: November 28th

Employed since: 4-30-12

Married to Michael 5 years

Favorite drink/snack: Diet Dr. Pepper, beef jerky

Favorite quote: Love like there is no tomorrow

Certificates: Providers Certificate

Hobbies/Interests: reading books, spending time with family

Positive qualities: Kind, friendly

You'll often hear me say..."yeah right"

Kayla Tijerina

Birthday:  August 3rd

1 son, Xavian Xander

Employed Since October 2013

Favorite Drink/Snack: Pink powerade, sour cream & cheddar chips

Certificates/Degrees: Preschool Teaching Certificate

Hobbies/Interests:  DIY projects, making bow ties

Positive qualities: reliable, hard working

You'll often hear me say..."Just kidding"

Heather Harmon

Birthday: August 12th

2 Kids

Employed Since January 2014

Favorite Drink/Snack: sweet tea & chocolate covered pretzels

Favorite quote/verse: " Good to go"

Hobbies/Interests: reading, basketball, anything outdoors

Positive qualities: friendly, bubbly, overly chatty

You'll often hear me say..."Right"

Mercedes Kibbey

Birthday: 10-27

1 son-Weston

Employed since: 10-8-14

Favorite drink/snack: Dr. Pepper, chips

Hobbies/Interests: softball, singing

Positive Qualities: funny, outgoing, loud

You'll often hear me say..."It is what it is" or "Let go and let God"

Church/Organization: AOL Cowboy Church

Stacie Stubblefield

Birthday: 8-10

Married for 20 years

1 son, Garrison

Employed since: 10-20-14

Favorite drink/snack: orange/strawberry drinks,  Lay's chips & chocolate

Favorite quote/verse: Lord, be my shield & buckler

Certificates/Degrees: Director's license

Hobbies/Interests: poetry, old movies, crafts

Positive qualities: friendly, likeable, punctual, hard working, honest

You'll often hear me say..."This too will pass, it's in God's hands"

Church/Organization: People's church

Britney Garza

Birthday: 2-25

Employed Since: 3-11-15

Favorite drink/snack: coke, fruit(grapes & oranges)

Favorite quote: Proverbs 31:25

Hobbies/Interests: exercising & watching Netflix

Positive qualities: happy, fun

Church/Organization: Trinity Fellowship

Ashlee Little

Birthday: September 7th

Daughter- Kynzlee Ann

Employed Since May 2015

Favorite Drink/Snack: Dr Pepper, Hot Cheetos

Favorite quote/verse: "She is clothed in strength and dignity"

Hobbies/Interests: baking

Positive qualities: I'm always laughing & smiling

You'll often hear me say..."I'm blessed to..."

Church/Organization: Hillside

Cheyenne Roybal

Birthday: August 29th

Employed Since June 2015

Favorite Drink/Snack: Dr Pepper, ice cream

Favorite quote/verse: Don't look back, look forward

Hobbies/Interests: softball

Positive qualities: outgoing, funny, loud

You'll often hear me say..."yes"

Krystal Campbell

Birthday: September 8th

Married to Adam for 11 years

3 kids: Zachary, Jaxson, Hartlyn

Employed since: August 2015

Favorite drink/snack: unsweet tea, chex mix, & corn nuts

Favorite quote/verse: "Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed" John 20:29

Certificates/Degrees: Bachelors in General Studies

Hobbies/Interests: baking, cooking, fishing

You'll often hear me say..."Take a nap and get over it!"  "Smile!"

Church/Organization:  Hillside Christian Church

Kayla Martinez

Birthday: May 23rd

Married for 3 years

1 daughter Addison

Employed since: October 2015

Favorite drink/snack: Unsweet Tea and Sour Patch Kids

Favorite quote/verse: "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them" -Disney

Hobbies/Interests: Disney, movies, family

Positive qualities: organized, positive

You'll often hear me say... "Oh my goodness"

Church/Organization: Colonies Church of Christ, Badges, Bows, & Brownies

Sarah LaMascus

Birthday: January 21st

Employed Since October 2015

Favorite Drink/Snack: Milk & Oreos

Favorite quote/verse: Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game

Hobbies/Interests: Film making, acting, singing, card games

Positive qualities: I love to sing and laugh on a daily basis

You'll often hear me say... Chicks & Chickens!

Jackie Almazan

Birthday: September 6th

Married for 19 years

2 daughters & 2 sons

Employed since: November 2015

Favorite drink/snack: Dr Pepper or Coke and Reeses/sour candy

Favorite quote/verse: You are awesome!

Hobbies/Interests: Make fabric albums, spend time with family

Positive qualities: We're gonna have a great day!

You'll often hear me say... "Have a great day!"

Church/Organization: Trinity Fellowship

Nicollee Courtney

Birthday: May 6th

with Ramiro for 1 1/2 years

1 son  

Employed since: December 2015

Favorite drink/snack: Wild Cherry Pepsi & chips & salsa

Favorite quote/verse: My Lord will never put me through anything I cannot handle.

Hobbies/Interests: Reading

Positive qualities: my personality

You'll often hear me say... "Okie Dokie" "Otay" "Baby"

Stephanie Richie

Birthday: May 12th

Employed Since December 2015

1 Fur baby- Barnaby

Favorite drink/snack: Diet Pepsi, Watermelon

Favorite quote/verse: "There's no place like home"

Hobbies/Interests: Zumba, acting, painting

Positive Qualities: Patience, love to laugh

You'll often hear me say... nothing...I'll be laughing

Church/Organization: Big Brothers Big Sisters

Kim Fuentes

Birthday: April 25th

Employed since January 2016

2 sons: Kaison and Kody

Favorite drink/snack: Chips and sweet tea

Allegra Reams

Birthday: January 24th

Employed since:  February 2016

Favorite drink/snack:  Coke and grapes

Favorite Quote/Verse: "Let it be" by The Beatles

Hobbies/ Interests:  Reading, running

Positive Qualities: Not too loud, silly

You'll often hear me say... "Please be nice to your friends."

Church/ Organization: Grew up at Texas Wildlife Center & occasionally help out there

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