Storyland Family Handbook Page Two

Storyland Family Handbook Page 2

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Admission Policy and Yearly Registration

Prior to admitting any child, a pre-enrollment interview will be conducted so that parents and children can visit the school and meet the teachers.  During this pre-enrollment interview, we will discuss your individual needs, and we will explain the program to you. 

If you decide to enroll your children, you will need to download copies of our enrollment form, child information (Infant/toddler) child information (Preschool/school age)  form and a copy of this handbook and read it thoroughly.  All necessary forms are online and can be completed online, printed, signed, and returned along with an up-to-date immunization record and health statement from a physician.  This must be completed prior to enrolling your child. 

A nonrefundable deposit of $60.00 will hold your child’s place.  Failure to complete all forms may cause a delay in the start date. 

We update our records each April as required by the State of Texas Child Care Licensing.  A complete registration packet must be completed for each child for the coming school year, and the non-refundable $60.00 must be paid to hold your child’s place. 


Before your child can be admitted, the following forms must be completed:

  • Completed Registration Form and Child Information Form:  All spaces MUST be filled in
  • Completed CACFP eligibility form
  • Physician’s Health Statement
  • Current Immunization Records
  • Emergency care plan for allergies
  • Orientation visit and center tour
  • Paid Registration and Supply Fees

Required Immunizations

This list is meant to be comprehensive, but may change depending upon State or Federal requirements.


By 3 months---1 dose

By 5 months---2 doses

By 7 months---3 doses

By 19 months---4 doses


By 3 months---1 dose

By 5 months---2 doses

By 19 months---3 doses


By 3 months---1 dose

By 5 months---2 doses

By 7 months---3 doses


By 3 months---1 dose

By 5 months---2 doses

By 19 months---3 doses


By 16 months---1 dose

Kindergarten---2 doses


By 19 months---1 dose


By 19 months---1 dose

By 48 months---2 doses


2 doses, 2 months apart

Immunizations For Staff Members

Our staff is encouraged to receive physical exams by their Personal physician on a regular basis.  Our staff consults with their doctors concerning the need for adult immunizations and receives the proper vaccines recommended by their personal physician as needed. 

TB Testing

TB Testing is not currently required in Potter and Randall Counties.  Should this change, you will be notified immediately.

Days and Hours of Operation

Storyland Preschool is open from 6: 30 A.M. until 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday, with the exception of the holidays listed in our yearly calendar.   In case of severe weather, please listen to your local television or radio stations for announcements of closing.   

As a rule of thumb, if A.I.S.D. and/or C.I.S.D. are closed, we will be closed.  If we are forced to close during the school day due to severe weather or power outages, we will notify you at your work to come pick up your child.


To avoid any late charges, please pick up your child before closing at 6:00 PM.  There is a fee assessed for every minute you are late.

Release of Children

Children should be accompanied into the school building by an adult and signed in.  An electronic sign in pad is located by the front office.  Parents are also expected to sign their child in on the clipboard provided in the doorway of each classroom. Each child must be signed in and out by the parent or individual responsible.  This is a Minimum Standard for the State of Texas

For safety, children will only be released to those individuals authorized to pick up the child.  The parents or guardians must authorize individuals to pick up their child.  If someone other than the parent is to pick up the child, please let the front office know.  The person picking up the child will be required to show proof of identify, such as a driver’s license, and sign out the child.  We will make a copy of the driver’s license, and this will become part of the child’s record.  A member of the management team will escort the person to your child’s classroom and introduce them to your child’s teacher. 

Children must be picked up at the agreed upon time.  Failure to do so will result in late charges being imposed.  Storyland closes promptly at 6:00.  To avoid any late charges, please pick up your child before closing.  There will be a $1.00 per minute fee assessed for late pick up after 6:00 PM.

Tuition, Fees, Payments

Full time tuition is based on up to 50 hours of childcare services per week.   Tuition for preschool and child care must be paid weekly.  This tuition is due by Wednesday of the childcare week.  It is very important that tuition be paid in a timely manner. 

 If tuition is not received by Wednesday at 6 PM, a late fee of $10.00 will be assessed. For your convenience, you may also have charges automatically drafted from your debit or credit account.  Rejected charges are subjected to an additional fee of $35.00, which must be paid with the next week’s tuition payment.  If tuition is not received by end of week, childcare will be refused for the following week until payment is made.  

Tuition payments cover all of the costs associated with the activities that we do on a daily basis as well as meals and snacks.  Field Trips are restricted to our school age children only.  Cost of Field Trips is included in the tuition.

Please make checks payable to E.C.A.A. Or Storyland and write your child’s name on the lower left-hand corner of the check.  You may also use your VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER or Debit card to pay for tuition and other fees.  There will be a $35.00 fee for returned checks.  

Tuition-Free Week

There will be no reduction in fees if your child is sick or absent.  After attending Storyland Preschool for one year, you will be entitled to a “free” week of vacation.  By this, we mean that you may schedule a family vacation at any time of the year.  Your children will not lose their enrollment status, and you will not need to pay tuition for that week.  

If you choose to take a vacation lasting more than one week, you will need to pay the regular tuition to keep your child’s spot in our program.  Tuition must be paid in advance of the child’s leave of absence.  We can no longer hold your spot in the program, tuition free, for any length of time except the one-week vacation described above.  Anyone wishing to keep their child out without paying the regular full-time tuition will lose the spot.  At that point, you may elect to be placed on our waiting list for the next available opening.

Registration Fee

There is a yearly non-refundable registration fee of $60.00 per child.  This fee helps to defray the costs of paperwork involved in maintaining a professional service.  

Supply Fee

An annual fee of $60.00 covers the cost of school supplies and other incidentals.  This fee along with the first week’s childcare tuition will be collected when the child is enrolled.  Parents are expected to pay a supply fee for every child enrolled in our program (ages 6 weeks through school age).  

CCMS Acceptance

We accept children eligible for CCMS as space permits.  At this time, we are only able to accept a percentage of eligible CCMS families.  Those that are accepted are expected to abide by the rules outlined by both Storyland and the Texas Workforce. 

Enrollment should be year-round without breaks for children to be eligible to continue at Storyland.  Storyland will not be able to hold a spot for those children whose care has been temporarily terminated due to school holidays or gaps in employment

  • Swipe their card in and out daily: If the child is here and the card has not been swiped, the office will call the parent
  • Report absences daily
  • Take care of co-pay by the 3rd day of each month unless other arrangements are made in the office

School Supplies

Parents are responsible for providing certain school supplies for their child based on the child's age.  To determine what is needed please visit these links:

Infant/Toddlers    or      Preschool/Pre-K

Termination Written Notice

If your situation changes and you must terminate your childcare arrangement, we will need two weeks written notice.  You are expected to pay tuition for each week your child is enrolled.  Storyland reserves the right to terminate your care. We will attempt to give you as much notice as is possible, but we make no guarantees in this regard.


You must provide a two-week written notice of termination of care and plan to pay full tuition for these two weeks.

Traffic Impact Statement

Drop off and pick up times at Storyland are hectic and often cause traffic congestions in our small parking lot.  To improve traffic flow and prevent unnecessary backup, we ask each person picking up children to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Respect the one-way signs in our covered drive through
  • Pull as far to the right to allow other cars to pass on the left
  • If you know that you will be longer than a few minutes picking up your child, please find a place to park rather than using the covered drive through.
  • Please tell anyone who will be picking up your children about the requirements listed above.

Our Staff

We choose our staff very carefully.  Each teacher is well qualified by college education, experience and/or state certification.  In addition, each staff member must participate in yearly continuing education that includes but is not limited to First Aid and CPR, age appropriate activities, safety, child development, child supervision, and positive guidance.

Teachers and other caregivers are required to complete at least 24 hours of training per year and the Director is required to complete 30 hours in a given calendar year.

A current list of all people employed at Storyland is available and posted on the bulletin board in the front office.

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