Our Storyland Preschool Surveys

This page is devoted to all our current and future Preschool Surveys.

Attention Parents:  Help us make Storyland an even better experience for our children, our parents and extended families and everyone involved with the school. We happen to think Storyland is a pretty amazing place for children and parents, but we are never satisfied with just the status quo. 

We want to be the best! 

To this end, we need the help of all of our parents--your opinions matter to us..  We want to know what we are doing right, what we could change to make things easier, and what is, well, just not working for you.  Won't you help us?

About every month, we are posting new preschool surveys for anyone to complete.  Although it is intended for parents of Storyland, anyone associated with the school can participate.  AND, this means grandparents, aunts, uncles and concerned friends.  The more responses we get, the better we can make Storyland for your children and for you. 

Check back here frequently as the results of our surveys will be made public on this page. 

  • See how your opinions match up with other parents and family members.
  • See how we are using your suggestions and concerns to create a better environment.
  • AND, by the way, please visit our Facebook page, Like Us and leave a comment.

Food Service Survey

We are very concerned about the diets and nutritional needs of our growing children.  We want to provide a healthy meal plan that provides many of the daily nutrients needed.  At the same time, we want our meals to be tasty and the foods we choose to be those that most children will eat.  After all, what good are highly nutritious meal plans if everyone takes a look and decides they are no longer hungry. 

I'm not saying our kids are picky, but it helps to serve nutritious meals that children love to eat

Food Preschool Surveys Results

It was no surprise that most parents are very concerned about their child's diet.  They want the right nutrients in the right quantity at the right times.  Evidently, Storyland is getting this right.  Most parents indicated that the meals were served at the right times and in the right quantities.  Many if not most of the foods that we choose to serve at the school are the same as those normally served at home.  Most parents were satisfied with the meal plans and menu items we serve.  The variety of meals seemed adequate to most parents.  

There were a few suggestions from parents that I would like to address from this preschool survey:

  1. Many parents suggested that more fruit items would be appreciated.
  2. If given a choice between adding more vegetables and adding more fruits, parents thought that the addition of fruits would be more appropriate for their child.

Since there were no other comments and suggestions, Storyland has decided to change the weekly menu to include more fruits, both at breakfast and at snack time.  We will continue to serve the same number of vegetables at lunchtime.  Remember, your comments and suggestions are taken very seriously at Storyland.  We are under the assumption that you, the parent, is the expert on your child.

We appreciate your time and effort in helping make Storyland the premier preschool in the panhandle.  If ever you have concerns, please take them up with the director, or, alternately, you can fill out the contact form below to reach me, (Janice) the owner.

School - Home Connections (Preschool Surveys)

This survey deals with the relationship between you (the parent or family member) and your child's teacher.  We extend this to include office personnel including the Director and Assistant Directors.  We want to know how we are doing to make you feel welcome and comfortable allowing us to care for and educate your child.  Questions on this survey will include general ones about parent-teacher relationships, office-parent relationships, communications between school and home as well as communications between you and your child's teacher.

We always love to hear that we are doing a great job.  But more important, if there is something lacking, we want to know about it so we can correct the problems.  Won't you help us by taking this second survey:  Parent - Teacher Relationships

Parent - School Relationships and Communications

Click here to be directed to the Preschool Survey:  Parent-School Relationships.

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